Actionscript 3.0 “_self” attribute does not work in publish preview mode

var vPage = new URLRequest(“somelocalpage.html”);
navigateToURL(vPage, “_self”); 
when testing this code using the “publish preview” I found that :
the links would NOT work using the “_self” attribute.
the links WOULD work using the “_blank” attribute. 
when I uploaded the site to a web host, the “_self” attribute worked!! 
I then tried to use a full url instead of a relative address, tried 
When I publish previewed, I got the flash player security message. was directed to : 
where I had to add the path of my swf to the “locations” list of the “global security settings” tab.
I used “browse for folders” and just added the entire user directory of my HD in here, so ALL swfs will work from now on. Restarted the browser, and it worked.

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